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Nature of Málaga

The Parador de Turismo Malaga-Gibralfaro, offers wonderful views of the city.

The Malaga's city park, it is one of the few exterior botanical places in the European continent that maintains species totally acclimated from tropical and subtropical regions. Created in the 19th century. Nearby you can find the City Hall building constructed by the local architect Fernando Guerrero Strachan, it was built between 1912 &1919. It is very pleasant to stroll around this park as you make your way to downtown Malaga from the sea front, the trees and the almost hidden spots that surround you, add to the charm of this walk. In the event that you still want to keep strolling , without having to walk anymore, you can always get a ride in one of the horse carriages that awaits visitors at the end of the park.

The Retiro, Botanical Garden. Road to Coín 29140 Churriana. Information Malaga Tourist office: 952 227 907
 Hours: Summer: 9.00a.m.-8.00p.m. (access to the last visit 5.00p.m.) Subtropical gardens, monumental fountains, ornithological park. It has been declared an historical and artistic garden -17th century. It is really a wonderful natural spectacle, with lakes, cascades and hundreds of species of plants and trees where thousands of birds live integrated in this heaven of wondrous gardens.

The  Historical Botanical garden "La Concepcion" Road to the Pedrizas (C.N. 331 Km 166) -Telephone: 952 252148.
To get there bus #2 will get you close by during the week, then you have a 15 minute walk. on saturdays, sundays and holidays bus #61 will take you directly there. Visiting hours: opens 10.00a.m. Closes: Spring 6.30p.m. Summer 7.30p.m. Fall 4.30p.m. Winter: 4.00p.m. Last visit is an hour and a half before closing time. Closed on Mondays.
Exuberant tropical garden from the 19th century. Admission: 460 pts. Adults & 300 pts. Children and seniors.
This garden is considered to be one of the best displays of tropical flora in all of Europe, when you are there you have the feeling that you are in a jungle surrounded by beautiful gardens. It was built almost a century and a half ago by the aristocracy of Malaga, today it belongs to City Hall, it has been offered to the King and Queen of Spain to be used as their summer residence.


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Nature of Málaga

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