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Metaheuristics, such as simulated annealing, evolutionary algorithms, tabu search, ant colony optimization, scatter search and iterated local search, are considered state-of-the-art methods for many problems. In recent years, however, it has become evident that the concentration on a sole metaheuristic is rather restrictive. A skilled combination of concepts from different optimization techniques can provide a more efficient behavior and a higher flexibility when dealing with real-world and large-scale problems. Hybrid Metaheuristics are such techniques for optimization that combine different metaheuristics or integrate AI/OR techniques into metaheuristics.

HM 2008 will be the fifth workshop of the series previously held in Valencia (HM 2004), Barcelona (HM 2005), Gran Canaria (HM 2006) and Dortmund (HM 2007). It intends to bring researchers in metaheuristics and its applications together and provide them with a relaxed atmosphere for interaction and discussion. HM 2008 is organized as a single-track conference and a non-profit event.

Málaga, capital of the Costa del Sol, is one of the most cosmopolitan and open cities in Europe, widely known for its superb weather, food, and hospitality. It offers an excellent environment for participants to enjoy their visit, from the academic and the social point of view. From Málaga, it is a great honour to cordially invite all researchers, practitioners, students and educators interested in metaheuristics to participate in this exciting event.



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